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There are spanking sites that show cute teens and babes getting a gentle spanking with a bare hand and there are other sites that have a lot more pain and the blood and tears are real. Some of the sites have excellent quality but check the content.



Spanked And Abused

Spanked And Abused

The great looking babes and teens at SpankedAndAbused really bleed and really cry so if you want a fantasy spanking site then this one is not for you! After they get hurt and beg for mercy they are given the chance to deep throat and most of them comply and the ones that don't get fucked hard in the ass until they beg some more. Some of the women on the site seem to get off on the pain and humiliation but others definitely don't and you may or may not feel sorry for them depending on what turns you on. Members of SpankedAndAbused also get access to some superb bonus sites and there are excellent stories too, so go check out the tour and take a look at some of the free promos and see if the site is really for you, or not!